Find an Emergency Locksmith in Murray, Sandy & Taylorsville, UT

Lynn's Lockshop can send a helpful locksmith to your location

Getting locked out is a frustrating experience. When you reach out to Lynn's Lockshop, you can trust us to send an emergency locksmith to your location in the Murray, Sandy & Taylorsville, UT area. We'll unlock your building or car as soon as possible.

Call 801-699-0511right away when you need an emergency car locksmith, home locksmith or commercial building locksmith.

How can you avoid lockouts?

When you get locked out, you can count on an emergency car locksmith or building locksmith from our team to be here for you. However, we understand that you would rather avoid lockouts altogether.

To avoid future lockouts, you can:

  • Keep a key outside in a lockbox that protects it from intruders
  • Ask a neighbor, friend or relative to keep a spare key
  • Keep a spare housekey in your car and a car key in your house

You can also use our lock-changing services to replace a traditional lock with a smart lock that you unlock with a code instead of a key. Consult an emergency locksmith in Murray, Sandy & Taylorsville, UT for more ways to prevent lockouts.